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Commercial Drones FM

Mar 1, 2018

What is a drone in a box and why is it important?

A drone-in-a-box is essentially a drone that lives inside of a box (stay with me here) and the box is deployed in a specific area, out in the wild, for an extended period of time. The box may have a power source hooked up to it or use solar panels to store power for recharging the drone. The drone, which, of course, lives in the box, will make scheduled flights and fly out of the box automatically to fly a mission and then return to charge its batteries when the mission is complete. Rinse and repeat as desired.

This is "getting the human out of the loop."

Percepto is an Israeli company who manufacture a full drone-in-a-box system. Dor Abuhasira is the CEO of Percepto, an Israeli company.

Dor joins Ian to discuss the technology behind automating these types of drones and what the future holds for drones in a box.