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Commercial Drones FM

May 9, 2019

You’re about to hear an in-the-field, or rather, “around-the-pool” compilation of quick-take interviews with people with different backgrounds from 15 drone companies at Commercial UAV Expo 2018.

The UAV Expo it’s a great place to be in October and perfectly situated and spaced 6-months from AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL so if you wanted, you can hit those two shows every year and then call it a day.

This audio is from the Poolside Happy Hour from Commercial UAV Expo 2018. A big thanks to everyone who chatted with me (sorry if I butchered the spelling of your name! Was hard to transcribe from the audio):

  • Ed Hine - Hazon Solutions/PrecisionHawk
  • Sylvester Greg Krutzinger - Scholar Farms
  • Dani Feller - Scopito
  • Mai Lynn Trong - Reigl
  • David Young - Drone Launch Academy
  • Hannah Marshburn - HyPack
  • Don Burchoff - True Weather Solutions
  • Lisa Ellman - Commercial Drone Alliance and Hogan Lovells
  • Joshua Trujillo - Oakland Police Department
  • Ungid Singh - Pix4D
  • Jared - Texas Drone Company
  • Joshua Resnick - Parallel Flight Technologies
  • Oliver Jesus Garcia
  • Romeo Durscher - DJI
  • Jeremiah Karpowicz - Commercial UAV News